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Caleb's Wars

None of these wars were declared by the US Congress under the constitutional procedure.

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Toward the end of Korean War of , the population seemed to be losing enthusiasm. The anti-communist fanaticism that accompanied this war faded, and by , Joe McCarthy had fallen out of favor with the US public.

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The political crisis sparked by the Vietnam War still haunts the memory of the US public. Young people burned their draft cards. Soldiers shot their officers. By the time the USA withdrew, insubordination was widespread among the military itself.

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Peace marches were massive, and public opinion was completely opposed to further military involvement. Urban rebellions shook the Black community, and violent protests rocked the college campuses. Vietnam was a military defeat for the United States, with the National Liberation Front effectively unifying the country and giving birth to the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. While the United States has the largest military budget in the world, the governments it has selected for attack are all in a much lower weight class. Now, as US leaders beat the drums against the two Eurasian Superpowers, an unacknowledged truth hides behind the threats and heated words.

Caleb's Wars

Russia and China are both highly disciplined, well organized societies. The population marches behind the government and the military in order to achieve its goals even in peace time. Both countries have economies that are centered around the state. Meanwhile, in the United States, different agendas seem to be everywhere.

Political and regional divisions are getting deeper. These generations are loaded with cynicism, mistrust, and many of them have a real distance from the ugly realities of violence in their every day life.

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Schoolchildren in the USA are no longer even permitted to defend themselves in schoolyard scuffles, but required to passively accept the blows of assailants while calling for help from police or teachers. In most American schools if a child so much as raises a fist in self-defense, he can expect the same punishment as his attacker. In the new police state that is unfolding, Americans are increasingly taught to be passive, non-confrontational and obedient. Police in uniforms, security cameras, and employers watch their every move.

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Much like the Saudi military, which is not exactly winning in Yemen, the US military is increasingly made up of people from other countries, bribed to fight our wars on our behalf. Perhaps it is the huge leap in the US standard of living that followed the Second World War, which made the public less enthusiastic about military conflicts. Wealth comes with comfort, and those who live comfortable lives tend to be far less willing to march off into battle.


Caleb lives in a world at war. Locked in a power struggle with his domineering father and fighting to keep both his temper and his self-respect in dealing with whites, Caleb finds his loyalties shifting and his certainties slipping away. Book Available at:.

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Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publisher website. His older brother, Randall, is serving in a black Army unit overseas, and a German prisoner-of-war camp just opened outside town. Caleb's mother wants him to be baptized in a faith he's not sure he believes in, and his overbearing father fights him over every aspect of his life.

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But worse than all that is the constant battle African-Americans have, in the segregated South, to be seen and treated as fully human. Caleb defies his father and gets a job washing dishes in a whites-only restaurant, where he is horrified to find a German soldier working beside him.

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